I recently took a trip to Vancouver and my most favourite part of the trip was visiting the Britannia Mine Museum located at the old Britannia Copper Mine near Squamish, BC. And she’s single! The mine was shut down in the 70’s but has been transformed into an awesome tourist destination (well, if you’re a tourist like me). Also, several episodes of The X-Files were filmed there, so its cool factor is major.

The little town of Britannia Beach and the Britannia Mine Museum along the Sea to Sky Highway

I stumbled across it on my way from Vancouver to Squamish and couldn’t resist taking a tour. I happened to arrive right when a tour was departing and thus began a very memorable afternoon.

About to enter the mine!
Here we go!!!!

Our tour guide took us into the mine and along the way, we stopped at different stations while he demonstrated the evolution of mining tools. I learned a lot.

DID YOU KNOW: The rock that has been blown up to tunnel through is called “muck.”
DID YOU KNOW: Getting rid of the debris is called “mucking.”
DID YOU KNOW: The shovel they use when they’re mucking is called a “muck stick.”

My tour group was me, a young family of four (children aged seven and five), and two guys my age with British…Irish…Australian…? accents. The guys were über tourists and were hanging on to the tour guide’s every word. The family was so wholesome looking I could barf. There was no one I could “that’s what she said” to. Do you know what restraint I had to exude to keep myself from looking like I had Tourette’s and blurting it out after everything this tour guide was saying??!! Gaaaahhhh!!!

“Mucking is hard work.”

“You have to watch what the other guy is doing, because you really don’t want to take a muck stick to the face.”

“Nobody wants explosions while you’re mucking.” (are you sure about that?)

Then, we got to this lovely contraption:

Guess what that’s for?!

This is where the workers took a dump. After he told us the tantalizing details and we were about to move on, I loudly said, while gesturing like Vanna White, “Now, who would like to demonstrate?!”


Oh c’mon, that’s hilarious! I’m hilarious!

It was a perfect afternoon.

An honorary mucker!



5 thoughts on “Mucking

  1. I also would have been entirely and completely unsafe in that tour group. For the exact same reason I can only play Settlers of Catan with a (very) select group of friends. It became my honourary venting game. Whenever I was tired and my day had gone to hell…….Settlers. Because whatever is said during Settlers, STAYS said during Settlers.

    Not even to mention the one time we played Dominion and I decided it would be the right thing to do to speak for the entire two hours in an unbroken Irish accent. Because – let’s be real – if you’re speaking in an accent, you can get away with saying *anything*. 😛

    1. Uhhhhhh that was all over my head…not familiar with these games you speak of…but they sound riveting. I agree about the accents. Next time I’ll break out my Jamaican one and they will have to laugh.

      1. They are both games of the board variety, during which, my vocabulary has been known to evolve into a box of Crayola 64’s. 😉

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