A Very Larry David Moment

While this story unfolded, I remember thinking, “This is something that would happen to Larry David.” For those of you who don’t know (and shame on you), Larry David is a comedy legend. The man behind Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, he often derives the plot lines straight from his own experience, which usually includes awkward, uncomfortable, mostly trivial but sometimes mortifying situations that most people won’t ever find themselves in. He’s also a fox.


Last summer, two colleagues and I decided to drive down the street from our office to Subway for lunch. This particular Subway has a very small parking lot and is located at a busy intersection. As we pulled up, there luckily happened to be one empty parking spot right next to the entrance. Just as our driver maneuvered to get into the space, a van swooped in and slid right into it. My colleague honked the horn and we yelled and made wild hand gestures at the guy until he moved. Defeated, the young man backed out of the space and drove to a spot much further away as we cheered at our victory.

When we got in line inside Subway, I looked out the window. The guy we harassed into submission was struggling to get out of his vehicle–he had a GIANT CAST on one of his legs. I nudged my colleagues, said, “Uhhhhh, guys…” and gestured to the window. We watched him slowly hobble from his faraway parking space (for what seemed like an eternity) into the restaurant and line up directly behind us.

None of us said a word.



7 thoughts on “A Very Larry David Moment

  1. hahahahahahahahahah

  2. A Curb fan can have my follow any day of the week. I love that you all watched him for the entire length of his journey too…

    I nearly had a Larry Moment myself once; I was sat on the subway, when a large, well built man of African descent sat next to me and played Words With Friends/iPhone Scrabble/Whatever. His letters were L, Q, W, O and G. I could just imagine Larry leaning over and saying ‘I’ve got a word for you,’ then being chased the length of the train shouting ‘IT WAS LOG! IT WAS LOG!’

  3. I would just like to say that I would’ve liked this post even if it were nothing but a photo of Larry David. The fact that this story actually happened to you makes me like it even more….I might even love it.

    1. Thanks for reading! I often have a picture of Larry on as my Facebook profile pic and when someone asks “who’s that?” I automatically think less of them. Can’t help it.

  4. That’s what I don’t like about Subway. They take so long to get food prepared that a guy with a cast on his leg can walk across the parking lot and catch up with you. That wouldn’t happen at most fast food places. At least you had right of way in the parking lot. Did you let him cut in line?

    1. No. No, we did not. That idea actually didn’t cross my mind. Huh. It was just all very uncomfortable.

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