How did you know I’m bendy?!

As you may or may not recall, in a recent post, I’ve Been Nominated! Though I’m pretty sure it’s a chain letter…, in addition to making a mockery of and revealing my cynicism towards my first (and I assumed last) WordPress chain letter, cough, award nomination, I asked the following:

…I’m confused by the fact that we are “nominating” each other. Is there ever a winner? Who’s tracking all of this? It’s bonkers! Also, I was nominated specifically for a “Lovely Blog Award.” Are there other awards floating around out there too? Like a “Most Likely to Regret Starting a Blog Because it Sucks and You’ve Lost All Credibility Award” or the “Bloggiest Blog Award”?…

Turns out, the answer is: yes, there are other awards floating around out there. I have hereby been officially and most prestigiously nominated for a WordPress Versatile Blogger Award.

I know, I know. Just when you thought I couldn’t get any bigger.

I was nominated by Don’t Quote Lily, a truly versatile blog I follow that ranges from funny, quirky stories to poetry that makes me uncomfortable (because if it’s not a naughty limerick, I’m afraid you’ve lost me). So seriously thank you, Lily, for the chain letter, cough, nomination. I really am very grateful to anyone who reads my blog and has any semblance of a positive opinion of it.

However, in true skeptical fashion, I’m going to go ahead and say that while I graciously and humbly accept this chain letter, cough, nomination, I can’t help but question whether I’m worthy of being called “versatile.” I feel like my posts have been very similar–I do things, things happen. Though, “versatile” can also mean “flexible,” and I can do the splits (yet she’s still single? you ask. I know, blows my mind too), so I’ll take it!

So again, here is what I’m supposed to do now:

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post. CHECK.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
1. I’M
2. OUT
3. OF
5. SO
6. I’M
7. SAD.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire. I CAN’T.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them. I’M SORRY. I JUST CAN’T.




Author’s Note:

I realize with this post I may have alienated some bloggers who take these chain letters, cough, award nominations seriously like a normal person might and probably should. I mean no disrespect. I know I’m not in the majority. I’m going to go ahead and predict that this post will have zero or very few “Likes” from the WordPress community, and I’m ok with that (or, if you’re on to me, you know I’m saying this so when this actually does happen, it will look like I don’t care).

If your sentiments are the same as mine regarding these chain letters, cough, award nominations, it means you’re probably evil, and that’s difficult to admit. I get it. But if you side with me, I welcome you to the dark side…where we laugh in the face of danger and chain letters, cough, award nominations…muahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHACK HACK cough, cough, cough. I really need to get that checked out.


12 thoughts on “How did you know I’m bendy?!

  1. I knew this would be entertaining, as always. 😉 I get how you feel anyway. This award “stuff” requires a LOT of work. I definitely wouldn’t expect everyone to want to participate. 😉

    1. Haha thanks for understanding! I was half expecting a “you bitch!” comment followed by an unfollow.

      1. Haha, see, people are on board with you! Including myself, and I nominated you. I’m sure whoever started this did so with good intentions (maybe) but it’s definitely crazy, and never-ending! Unless we all take a stand like you…hmm. That’s a thought. 😉

        1. Haha, perhaps I’ve unwittingly started a revolution?? UNITE!!!

  2. Lauren,
    Fuck yeah! These awards are nice thoughts, and come from good intentions, I am sure… But their rules stink of SPAM. I am working on a page on my own blog called: Awards I Have Declined, which will be an appendix to my Alan Smithee Blog award. Kudos to you. And congrats for the award.
    Le Clown

    1. Haha I knew Le Clown would back me up on this! I agree re: good intentions. Hence my hesitancy in completely disregarding the nomination all together–I know these nominations are (mostly) genuine and meant to be a shout-out, but the rules and the chain it creates is just so tedious.

      1. Lauren,
        My sentiments exactly.
        Le Clown

  3. Alice Kapuscinski April 4, 2013 — 5:06 pm

    enjoyed reading …HA HA>>> thanks for sharing

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