Update: The mysterprank goes global

If you happened to read Pranks! And an unsolved mystery…a mysterprank!, then you know that I’m still trying to solve the case of a string of prank phone calls regarding my allegedly missing shoes in 2010.

I figured that post could possibly unleash the dormant mysterpranker, and hoped it would lead to some sort of resolution. Instead, it opened up a clusterfuck that spanned continents and pushed the boundaries of the Matrix. It was the most thrilling afternoon of my life.

It started with someone responding in the comments section of the Pranks! post with this:

Ohhhhh yeaahh. Here we go. I’ve got you now, sucka!

Using the background information WordPress provides on comments, I did some digging. I revelled in the fact that the mysterpranker didn’t think about IP address tracking before thoughtlessly responding to my post, and figured the address would at least lead me to the city the mysterpranker was writing from, likely someplace local, narrowing down my suspects so I could ultimately show up at their door step with an “AH HA!” But of course, that’s not how it went. Here is my response:

So now I was dealing with two separate mysteries: the original mysterpranker, and the new impostermysterpranker.

Mr. Biscuits is a fellow blogger (Anxiety and Biscuits) I met in the blogosphere not too long ago. Being the only person I know in the UK (but now I’m starting to question that statement…), and having a similar sense of humour to mine, I figured he’s a prime suspect. I gave it a day, hoping that Mr. Biscuits or the real impostermysterpranker would come forward or at least respond.


So I kept probing:

The next day, to curb my anxiety and prevent me from chewing my fingers off, I contacted Mr. Biscuits and alerted him to my accusation. Turns out, he was too busy and important to read my post and had no idea any of this was going on. His response:

But then, ten minutes later:

According to my previous expert sleuthing (ie, copying and pasting the IP address into an IP address locator I Yahoo!ed–it’s not as creepy as it sounds), the comment came from Mr. Biscuit’s hometown in the UK–where he admits to visiting the same weekend the comment was made. Dun dun dunnnn…I just happened to accuse him because he’s the only Brit I know (?). What are the odds of it also turning out to be his hometown (and it’s not a huge city) AND that he happened to be there that weekend?! I thought this case was locked up.

But, Mr. Biscuits (claims he) had nothing to do with this. In fact, this whole situation freaked him out considerably as he treasures his anonymity on the web (unlike naive me) and was concerned his identity had been compromised (“Anxiety and Biscuits” people. Seriously). He drilled a list of suspects from his end and came up with nothing. In a series of back and forths via comments on the Pranks! post and personal emails over the course of an afternoon (or evening for Mr. Biscuits), and the help of his Matrix manipulating chum, in the end we had to chalk it up to being a really weird coincidence. Or, as Mr. Biscuits suggested, that he has a stalker who also happens to like my blog.

I think this “coincidence” wreaks of trickery and malfeasance. While this transatlantic caper has been thrilling, will the real impostermysterpranker please stand up? I repeat. Will the real impostermysterpranker please stand up?

And if you’re keeping track, the original mysterpranker is also still on the loose. If they aren’t one in the same, that is…

My head hurts.

Clues? Tips? Hypotheses? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated since I’ve just about tapped out my detective skills on these two seemingly elaborate (but probably simple and I’ll feel stupid later) mysteries. Need to save some of those brain cells for my viewing of Bachelor Pad tonight.

Also, is this really happening?



12 thoughts on “Update: The mysterprank goes global

  1. Oh wow, my head hurts too! Insanity, I don’t know how you’re handling all this mystery. You might want to try to solve this today, Bachelor Pad won’t leave you with very many brain cells. If you watch, you risk never solving this. 😉

    1. Haha, I know this, yet somehow I’ll end up watching…it’s worth it?

      1. Hey, I watch it too. Their stupidity is highly amusing. 😉

  2. I second that. My head hurts and I need to save whatever brain cells I have left from my baby brain. And of course, watching Bachelor Pad doesn’t help either; or the fact that I watch Big Brother.
    For the love of God, can this prankster please come forward, for all the readers’ sake.

  3. You know, maybe all this attention is getting to the prankster’s head so he/she is just spinning the whole thing bigger and bigger until you eventually….. uh, not sure what’ll eventually happen to you if you don’t find out but don’t explode!

    Alright prankster, you’ve caught everyone’s attention. Can we just leave it at that?

    1. Haha well giving it no attention for almost 2 years didn’t work so I thought bringing it back out in the open, to an actual audience no less, would work.

      This is why I’m convinced it’s someone really close to me; I think the reason for their patience is they’re planning to wait until I’m on my death bed to lean in and whisper “YOU FORGOT YOUR SHOES SHOES SHOES…” as I slowly drift away.

  4. You’re like a real-life Nancy Drew.

  5. Hah umm im laughing and confused.. Yet couldnt stop reading… I bet it was that chris guy from the pad

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA do you mean creepy Chris from Bachelor Pad?! Or the host, Chris Harrison? HAHAHAHA so many possibilities….what a wild and elaborate theory…..hmmmmm…..

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