My new friend

Ok. I swear that more actual writing is to come. I just couldn’t resist sharing this little ditty (diddy? As in P? I can’t decide) from today:

I was sitting on the couch in my living room, eating my lunch off my lap desk, when I heard a loud, piercing, soul-crunching cry. The noise was coming from my kitchen where my new dehydrator was dehydrating a whack load of fruit on its inaugural mission (welcome to my Saturday). Yes, I paid only $30 for it from XS Cargo*, and yes, it smelled like burning plastic, but was it really exploding already?!

*Update: The next day, it died.

Grumbling, I hoisted my meal off my lap. I walked to the kitchen, all the while noting that I don’t know where my fire extinguisher is located. Huh. Luckily, nothing was wrong. The noise was coming from the window. I looked outside. Here is what I found.

(PUMP UP THE VOLUME. And ignore my chuckling halfway through when I realize both how freaking crazy the squirrel is and how freaking crazy I must look to my neighbours. And ignore the fact that I talk to it at the end.)

Sometimes, I can still hear the screams.

Earlier this year, I said I could have a squirrel as a pet. I even argued that squirrels were not rodents…



His name is Scrappy. He is my friend.




  1. Don't Quote Lily

    LOL, nice. I still can’t get used to how they sound when they feel “threatened.” And I thought squirrels were always cute but that was one UGLY squirrel. Anyway, I wanted to let you know you don’t have to pay anything to embed a youtube video. Just click on the “Share” button in youtube, click “Embed” and then copy the code. Then paste it into your post. Usually codes go in the “text” tab of the post screen but you can just paste it normally and it’ll work right away. 🙂

  2. TheRA

    I laughed reading this whole story because all I could think about was the fiasco in AC100s when squirrels were chewing through the screens and getting into the rooms, and some of the girls were returning from class or worse yet waking up from a nap to come face to face with one of these! Oh too funny!

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