Lessons in: Bra packing

So last night I stayed overnight in the city I had school visits in today. I just had to pack for one night and my outfit the next day. Should have been simple. When I got to the hotel, I realized that I forgot to pack a bra. Luckily, I was wearing one. However, it was a sports bra. A hot pink sports bra. Not the best look for professional wear.

I had arrived at the hotel too late last night to run to the mall across the street, and my first school visit in the morning was before anything would be open. So I got creative. I tried manipulating the bra so that it was more like a strapless bra. Didn’t work. I tried taking out the inserts (like in bathing suits) and placing them on my boobies under my undershirt. Didn’t work. Tried no bra. Didn’t work.

Porno over.

Finally, I decided I’d just wear my hair down to try to cover the hot pink mess peeking out from my shoulders. I figured perhaps it would be a slow day and I wouldn’t have to do full-blown presentations…

All four visits had a nice big fat group of students.

One visit had over 70 students. One of my biggest crowds yet.

Guidance counsellor: “Ohhhh it seems no one has signed up for the presentation. Let me just call all the grade 12’s down.”

Me: “Great…”

I could feel every judgey female’s heavily eyelinered eyes shift each time my hair moved (I’m an animated speaker, what can I say?) and exposed the extreme fashion faux pas…almost to the point that I wanted to address it and come clean, but I figured talking about my bra when speaking to youth in a professional capacity is a no no.




10 thoughts on “Lessons in: Bra packing

  1. haha brilliant! just the sort of ridiculous situation id probably find myself in! : )

    1. Haha oh no, the universe thinks you’re “special” too? Let’s make a club.

  2. At least your shirt wasn’t white!

    1. I was thinking that! Could have been SOOOO much worse. Whoop-di-do, so I was a little flat chested but super comfortable in my work attire today. I bet the girls weren’t even looking at the sports bra strap. Probably just some dandruff-like residue on my shoulder from my hairspray or something. But that’s worse, so I’ll stick with the original assumption.

  3. I was worried you would be in a white shirt! Oh well, no harm done, and come on, that’s pretty funny. 😀

    1. I know, it wasn’t all that bad. I’m much too into myself thinking that anyone cared. Actually, if it weren’t for the snickering girls at my last presentation I would have thought I got away with it and wouldn’t have even deemed the event worth writing about. It’s those teenage girls who get me every time!

  4. Hey, who doesn’t like a little hot pink peeking out from time to time? 😉 That being said, thank goodness your shirt wasn’t white!

    1. Haha after all these comments I’m wishing I had doctored the photo and made my shirt white. Definitely would have made for a more tragic story. I’m such an amateur, damn it!

  5. Excellent use of ‘boobies.’

    1. Thank you. It’s a word that gets forgotten all too often, I think.

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