theVERYsingle search terms #2

For as long as the weirdos keep stopping by, I plan to make this a semi-monthly ritual after the wildly successful (I made that up) original theVERYsingle search terms.

It’s a bit hypocritical of me to point out and make fun of the stupid and odd things people have typed into search engines because I’m pretty sure I’ve typed the following into search engines in my time:

i dated fabio average joe season finale clip

how to cook chicken

britney spears crotch shot getting out of car uncensored (come on, you were curious too…see what I did there?)

But I’m going to do this anyway: (And sorry, the type might be small…so squint. Or get off your iPhone, you snob.)

It occurs to me that if you haven’t read majority of my posts you may not get all the “inside joke” (lame) comments I’ve made. For example, my apparent disdain towards mailmen is actually just in reference to the two situations in which I was wronged by my own mailman: The Postman Screws Me Twice and Proof that mail, and the world, is out to get me. So don’t you dare think I’m an anti-mailmen-ite!

But you really do have me to thank for stopping the pickle attack on the world.

Since I hate to leave people out, I encourage you to check out allllllllll my other posts so you can stop scratching your head and saying, “I heard she was supposed to be funny. That’s the last time I trust a review from her mother.” Come on…all the cool kids are doing it…or so I’ve heard. The cool kids don’t actually talk to me for some reason.



2 thoughts on “theVERYsingle search terms #2

  1. You definitely get some crazy people. My search results are mostly lame. 😦 I went back and read “The Postman Screws Me Twice” and yeah, they’re definitely out to get you. 😉

    1. Start writing about mailmen! You’ll get people looking for fetishes in no time!

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