Conversation Heart(s)ache

Believe it or not, ladies and gents, I got a second fake date with the John Krasinski/Michael Buble/Jason Segel lookalike AKA my ideal man! You met fictional him if you read his guest blog, My Date with theVERYsinglegirl. I thought that date went great! But after reading about it from his perspective, I got a slight, very slight, impression that he might not be interested in seeing me again (I know. I know. That’s crazy talk!). But I was wrong! And he insisted it had nothing to do with the note he found taped to his window the next morning that read, “Date me again, or else…”

I suggested for our second date that we eat chicken wings in bed while watching a marathon of Downton Abbey. For some reason, he insisted he wanted our date to be in public “where we can be seen and heard at all times.” Weirdo.

So he took me to Mandarin for dinner. His choice. It was so funny–every time I sat back down with my new plate of food, he’d just be finishing his and heading back to the buffet! It was almost as if he planned it that way! But obviously, it had to be a coincidence. When I joked that he was deliberately avoiding me, he laughed and said, “Awwww, you’re adorable,” as he continued walking away from me back to the buffet. He thinks I’m adorable!!!

The check arrived. After he paid it, he looked deep into my crazy eyes and said, “Listen.”

The rest of the conversation went a little something like this:

hearts1-1hearts2 hearts3 hearts4 hearts5 hearts6 hearts7

And right before Valentine’s Day too.

He’ll come around.




Author’s Note:

Clearly, these candies were on my floor.


And then I put them back in the tub. And ate them.

Also, the conversation probably could have been cleverer, but I didn’t think of this idea until I was half-way through the tub while watching The New Adventures of Old Christine (But that’s on Sunday mornings! you exclaim. Yeah, what’s the problem?) It’s very likely I ate some gems like, “UR SEXY,” “HOT LIPS,” and “EAT ME,” which could have brought this fake real conversation to a whole other level.


6 thoughts on “Conversation Heart(s)ache

  1. I love the last picture!
    Did you get any that said ‘Sext me’? Those crack me up every time!

    1. No “Sext Me” unfortunately. This batch of hearts wasn’t that progressive.

  2. You got a second date 😯

    THere’s for us all then 😉

  3. Oops, there’s a word missing from that last sentence
    Should read – there’s hope for us all then 😆

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