A third note. No joke. Does nobody want to talk to me?!

I have no words.

Ok, I have words.

This, ladies and gents, is why I have a blog about the ridiculous things that happen to me. It never stops.

As you may recall, over the past month, I have been the recipient of two random notes from strangers. The first, from my neighbour who lives below me, who wondered why I was vacuuming at 2:30pm when she was trying to study (My neighbour (and my vacuum) can suck it!). The second, from my neighbour who lives next to me, a lovely, totally unnecessary, apology note for knocking on my door at the late hour of 9:15pm (Oh no. Now I’m the Note Nazi.). Prior to this month, the last time I received a note from someone was when my friends would pass them back and forth in our lockers about what happened on Dawson’s Creek that week.

Yesterday came this month’s third note. This time, it was placed on my vehicle while I was at work. And, like the last two notes, it was totally unrelated to the notes that preceded it. Three independent note incidents in one month. I AM SURROUNDED BY MUTES!!!

When I got to work (a small university) yesterday morning, it was blizzarding (it’s a word). The yellow lines in the staff/faculty parking lot were not visible, so I lined myself up with the curb, and went on my merry way.

exhibit a

Ok, the grass isn’t that green right now. It’s winter. Just work with me here.

At the end of the day, I walked back to my car and, since the snow had now melted, realized that the lines do not run parallel to the curb like I had assumed.

exhibit b

Doh! So, needless to say, I felt a little stupid. I wanted to shout so everyone in the lot could hear me–“This is an honest mistake! I didn’t mean to park like this! I’m not a dick!”–as I snuck to my car. I pride myself on my parking abilities! I get my kicks by parallel parking for fun. Even though I was only slightly encroaching on a second parking spot, this was upsetting to me!

As I approached my car, I saw something white on the windshield. At first, I thought it was a ticket. This, with my luck, would not be surprising. But it wasn’t. It was something that made me more mad than a ticket ever could:


I was note-bombed. (Reader, do you note-bomb? Do you shame people anonymously like a coward? If so, SHAME on you. SHAME on YOU.)

Someone decided that my accidental parking blunder was worthy of rummaging through their belongings to find a piece of paper and a pen, in the middle of a snowstorm, to send me a message. What were they hoping to accomplish? That I’d go, “Gee whiz! This note is right! Golly, that’s not a nice parking job! I simply must do better next time! Thank you stranger, whoever you are! You’ve changed my life!” Maybe a normal person would have a reaction similar to that, or just, you know, ignore it altogether. That would be sane. But this is me I’m talking about here. Naturally, I turned it into a case that needed to be cracked. I decided I would do everything in my power to hunt down and confront the person who dared to tell me I’m less than perfect.

When I got to work this morning, I first questioned the people in my office who might have known it was my car and could have done it as a joke (because that I actually would have found hilarious). But something deep down in my gut told me that this case reeked of self-righteous stranger. Turns out, my office isn’t funny. None of my colleagues wrote it. I branched out to other areas of the school, stomping from department to department clutching the ripped Hilroy in my shaking hands.

“Look here, see. Did you happen to leave a note on a car last night?”


“Are you sure, see?”

“Yes. Why is your eye twitching like that?”

A few staff members had a hunch of who it could be. They all independently guessed the same person, but they couldn’t verify the handwriting. So, I went to three people who work closely with the suspect. They knew the handwriting. I had my perp.

The motive? My sources say this person typically parks in the spot I have been occupying for the past week. I recently switched lots, so I was unaware that a pattern had developed in the non-designated parking spots. It is a good spot. That’s why I kept parking there.

The perpetrator? A crusty old professor who is retiring this year. I had nothing to lose from a confrontation. So, I sent the accused an email (What? Passive-aggression is ok when it’s warranted! Or, when I say it is). I would have waited to talk to the perp, but professors don’t keep regular hours. If I was going to spook the suspect, I needed to be on it like white on mice (hehe, it works for more than rice: lice, dice, SLICEd bread…ok, I’ll stop). I had to show the thug who’s boss. I sent the email by 10:00am. It was polite and professional, but tactful. I didn’t outright make an accusation, but basically said, IF it was you, then HERE is what happened with the snow and hidden yellow lines and THIS is why I didn’t appreciate a passive-aggressive, bullying, anonymous note. And, IF it wasn’t you, then do you know who it was? Can ya help a girl out?

A hero, you say? Nah, I’m just a regular person.

At 3:30pm, the suspect came clean. The offender sheepishly shuffled into my office, shut the door, and grovelled. “I am so sorry…Everything you said in that email was right…I need to be put in my place sometimes…I was having a bad morning, but that’s no excuse…Thank you for calling me out…I was at the drug store today and couldn’t find an apology card suitable to the situation. But when I find one, it’s coming your way…I feel just awful…I’m mortified by my behaviour…Will you forgive me?”

Geez. There’s such a thing as overkill. But I could see the perp was genuinely distraught (by little ol’ me?), so I was touched. I accepted the apology and was very kind and gracious through the entire proceeding. I was humbled by it. I was so moved, in fact, that to surprise the offender, I will discontinue parking in that spot. The lines are confusing anyway.

Jesus, you say? Nah, I’m just a regular person.



18 thoughts on “A third note. No joke. Does nobody want to talk to me?!

  1. You’re absolutely right, this stuff really COULD only happen to you! I can’t believe you tracked down and called out the note giver, and I REALLY can’t believe he/she apologized for writing it in the first place! Amazing!

    1. I know, eh? I can’t believe it either! Don’t think I wasn’t willing to throw down though.

  2. What a great story.
    I am intrigued in your ability to amass hand-written-stranger-notes….I find myself hoping there are more notes soon.

    1. Thanks Megan! I know, it’s weird. I’m too scared to dig deep and figure out why that is.

  3. Wow… I’m not surprised you got another note, cuz it’s you…lol. But he actually apologized! Nice. Can’t believe you were able to track him down and everything. 😉

    1. What makes you think it was a him? Haha, I guess “crusty old professor” would most likely force you to picture a man…..but I was careful not to use pronouns. After the apology, I genuinely felt sorry for the old coot. Not sorry enough to not write about it, but sorry enough to at least conceal his/her identity. I should be knighted.

      1. Oh wow, I didn’t even notice your lack of pronouns! You’re right, he/she… Crusty and perp just made me think GUY. 😉

  4. That’s actually pretty impressive that you went to the trouble to find out who it was. Even more impressive is the fact he owned up to it. Girl, you got it going!

    I’m a first time reader, but so far, I love what you’ve got going here, so I’ll definitely be reading regularly.

    I left notes on two cars the other night. One parked in front of me with his front end three feet into the driveway, making it impossible for the neighbor to exit if he needed. His note read “THE CURB ENDED THREE FEET AGO.” The second car parked directly behind mine. When I say directly, I mean it. The front bumper was two inches from my rear bumper. I’m not being hyperbolic. His note was “YOU SIR, SUCK AT PARKING.”

    In my defense, I was crabby (like the crusty prof) and had a stressful day at work after only three hours of sleep. I wanted to leave. Their combined parking jobs made it a 10-minute endeavor (think of that scene in Austin Powers in the little car, backing and inching forward between two poles) just to get on the street.

    If nothing else, I was mildly entertained by myself and it relieved a little of my day’s pent up aggression. I bet this makes me a bad person. Hahah whoops.

    1. Oh no no no! I am TOTALLY behind you on those notes! They were genuinely inconveniencing you! I condone notes when they are warranted. Good for you! If my bad parking job in this story was blocking someone in and I got a note, I’d shrug and go “yep, I deserved that.” I just don’t think people should get away with being a dick for being a dicks sake. But be careful with your notes; I don’t know if you know this, but there are some psychos out there that might go to the lengths of tracking you down…..

      Thanks for reading!

  5. I can’t believe you actually got an apology! Wow! Again, I bow to you, oh great Queen of passive aggressive notes.

  6. Alice Kapuscinski April 4, 2013 — 6:07 pm

    you are good !

    1. Well I won’t argue with you, but let’s hope no one finds out I’m obviously paying you to say these things…

  7. At our kids’ school, there are two different adults who park in the handicapped parking and bring their kids in to school. I’ve confronted them. At a different time, my husband has confronted them (we have a thing with rotten-illegal-handicapped-parking-users). These people make excuses, verbally attack back, and are downright rude. I’m leaning towards the note response. If I can do it w/o being seen, it’ll say, “Being stupid isn’t a handicap. Please park somewhere else.”

    1. HAHAHAHAHA I fully support that note! Good for you for confronting the violators in person.

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