Junk in my Trunk

This week, nay, this month, nay, MY LIFE, has been a cosmic joke.

It snowed last night.

This is the photo I texted to my boss this morning to show why I was running late:


A few things:

No, I did not leave my trunk WIDE open overnight like my coworkers assumed I did. It was shut, but apparently not fully shut. I always use the clicker as I’m walking away from the car to make sure my doors are locked. One beep, everything’s locked. Two beeps, something is open. As I was walking away yesterday, I heard one beep. Apparently, the trunk isn’t part of the equation.

Yes, that’s an original Xbox in there. I’ve been trying to get rid of it for months. I brought it to EB Games where an employee audibly scoffed when I asked if they still buy these off people. Welp, there’s a way to get rid of it.

Since I have a small apartment, I use my trunk as additional storage. Hence the boxes of Kleenex, bottles of water, mini suitcase, giant tub of laundry soap (which you can’t see, on account of the snow), camping chairs (yes, plural), blankets, shopping bags….there might be a dead hobo in there too. I don’t know.

A positive thing came out of this experience. I did find something very interesting buried deep in my belongings:


Frozen rotten apples.

Please tell me something like this has happened to you.

But I think I already know the answer.



9 thoughts on “Junk in my Trunk

  1. I’m not laughing. I swear………….
    That SUCKS! I would be so pissed. I can’t believe how much snow got in just by being a little teeny bit open.
    Um, did the rotten apples smell? Yuckies, lol.

    1. Luckily, since the apples were frozen, they did not smell!

  2. My missus left my front passenger door open on my car for an entire night once.

      1. nothing at all, which I am both pleased and concerned about… I was lucky I guess as when I say open, I mean left open as in wide, not just unlocked.

        1. Haha. That’s a big “DOH!” moment.

          1. in fairness he should not have let me cut his hair after I had had a drink

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