Wouldn’t you love to work for this slob?!

I normally don’t do two posts in one day (don’t worry, I’m not morphing into that kind of blogger… “I just brushed my teeth. Readers, what kind of toothpaste do you use, and why?” *shudders*) But today seems to be shaping up to be a special day.

So less than two hours after my snow in the truck debacle (Junk in the Trunk), I’m sitting in a meeting room conducting an interview for a potential campus tour guide. I’m profesh Lauren: Straight posture. Friendly. Smiley. But authoritative. Because I’m potentially your boss, bitch! Believe it!

It wasn’t until halfway through the interview that I noticed why the candidate kept sneaking a peek at my arm.


Let’s get a closer look, shall we?


Ewwwwww what is that?!

That is dried, crusty, smoothie I made this morning.

When I noticed it, I slowly started to roll my sleeves up: “Yes, uh huh, that’s great!” Just keep smiling and nodding as you roll. She won’t notice. Maybe it just got really hot in here. Mind your business!

Super professional.

Speaking of which, I should really do some work.




Readers, what kind of stain remover do you use, and why?



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