Garbage Fight: Me vs. Squirrel. I lost.

This morning, a squirrel threw a piece of bread in my face.

Here is the scene of the crime:


Here is what happened: As I approached the dumpster with my full garbage bag slung over my shoulder like jolly ol’ Saint Nick, a heard a rustle coming from within. In a flash, that single piece of bread flew from deep inside the dumpster and pelted me square in the face. A squirrel scurried out and disappeared into the trees.

That’s all.



9 thoughts on “Garbage Fight: Me vs. Squirrel. I lost.

  1. DEAR LORD !!! hahahahahahahahahahahha srsly….

  2. I love reading your posts, lol. Just…amazing.

    1. Thanks. This one wasn’t exactly Shakespeare but it was just as dramatic I guess.

      1. Probably the shortest post ever but still equally funny as all the crazy things you share. 🙂

  3. I hope you at least shook your fist in rage and swore revenge.

    1. Yes….that’s what I did…..I didn’t scream like a girl, swat at my face and then check to see if anyone was watching…..yes….

  4. I’m currently sitting at my work computer, diligently working hard *cough, cough* / reading your blogs and desperately trying to hold in the guffaws that want to escape my throat. You, my dear, are one funny lady. I would have laughed at the ‘killed hobo’ comment. Those other people need to be hugged.

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