I don’t use the expression lightly.

I could have sat anywhere at the mall food court during lunch today. I scanned the crowd and looked for a spot with the fewest crying babies in close proximity. I sat down.

A few minutes later, a guy sat down at the table next to mine.

The next 45 minutes were the strangest 45 minutes I’ve ever witnessed. And that’s saying a lot.

First, he took a 2L jug of pop out of his backpack and placed it on the table.

Seeing this, I got excited because it has been an inside joke between my friend Barbie (you’ll think this is a made up name to protect her identity. It isn’t. Or is it?…..It isn’t. Or is it?…..) and I that we think it would be cool to start carrying around a 2L jug of pop as if it was normal after we got one free with our pizza order months ago. Just think how hilarious it would be to randomly pull a 2L jug of pop out of your purse and start chugging in public. “I’m real thirsty!”

Well. It was happening!

I immediately took a picture and texted it to Barbie.

Note: This was the first of many pictures I would take of this guy. To be discrete, I turned my phone to the side, placed it under my chin and stared straight ahead as if I was deep in thought as I pushed the button.


I went back to my meal feeling so pleased that someone in this world would drink from a 2L jug of pop in public.

Then, I heard what sounded like the wobble of a water bed. I glanced to the side.

He was pulling out a BAG of MILK.


A BAG of MILK, people!

I’ll let that sink in with you for a second.




He proceeded to do this with the BAG of MILK:


When the pop bottle was filled, he sucked on the milk bag until it was dry.

Again, I’ll let you absorb that.



He sucked on the bag until it was dry.

No, that’s what I said.

This is when I began to lose it. This guy was close enough for me to reach out and touch him and I had to stare straight ahead as if nothing was happening. I was convulsing trying to hold in my laughter as I continued to document the events via text message to Barbie.

I really get this guy though. It’s WAY cheaper to drink from 2L bottles and 1L bags. He’s just super economical. I respect that. He’s poo poo-ing on society’s conventions. Damned if he’ll spend more for a travel portion of a drink when he can spend less and have more!

After his bottle was filled with milk, he pulled this out:


A single pepperette.

After he ate the pepperette, he reached in his bag and pulled out….


Two travel packs. Ok, that’s normal. I didn’t bother taking a picture.

After the applesauce, he took out his next snack and left for a moment to dispose of the empty milk bag and pepperette bag. I had my chance to snap the picture uninhibited:




Hence the MILK!!!

He wants milk and cookies, so he’s going to do milk and cookies HARD!

I finished eating my neglected lunch as he ate half the box of Voortman’s Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies. Then, I heard some rustling. Something new was coming out! I got in picture-taking position:



A bag full of buns!

After eating a couple of buns, he packed everything up and went on his merry way.

OR so I thought!

He went a few steps and then came back. My heart raced thinking he was about to lean in and say, “By the way, I know what you were doing,” flip his hair and walk away. Which would have been AWESOME. But he just sat down and pulled out his smart phone. I had to get back to work, so I sadly left him and his bag of tricks.

Below is my conversation with Barbie as the events unfolded.

top 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1f 1g 1h 1i

Maybe he’s single?





Author’s Note:

It has since been brought to my attention by a couple of my compassionate, church-going friends that perhaps this person came straight from a food bank. It’s possible. I think this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: It is not my intention to make fun of anyone for being less fortunate. Whatever he is, he took out a BAG of MILK in public and sucked it dry. Next to ME of all people. THAT is what’s funny, regardless of his situation. So I apologize if anyone was offended by this post.



21 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Amazing! mall people are the best

  2. I hardly ever use WTF either but after the bag of milk, I lost it. BAG of MILK. WTF???

    Thanks for brightening my Friday morning. Of course you had to be the one to notice (and document) this guy. 😀

    1. Bag of milk. Bag of milk. I still can’t believe it happened. I count myself lucky to have witnessed it. Puts life in perspective. There are people out there who carry around a bag of milk. A bag of milk.

  3. 2L pop, 1L milk, 1 pepperette, 2 apple sauces, 1/2 bag Voortmans, and a handful of assorted buns? This man has a VORACIOUS appetite!! I’m both terrified but desperately interested in asking what else he’s carrying in that tote …

    1. I wanted desperately to stick around and find out. I feel like if I were my boss, I’d understand why I took a three hour lunch break if I explained the situation: “A man sitting beside me kept taking ridiculous food items out of his bag and I needed to see it through to the end.” “Wow! That’s some great initiative Lauren! Let’s promote you!”

  4. I just wished he had brought out a camping stove and starting cooking stuff up, that would have earned massive kudos lol.

  5. I would find this hard to believe if it wasn’t for the pictures.
    LIKE OMG! Your life is so special, lol.

    1. I knew as soon as the milk bag came out I HAD to document or no one would believe me.

  6. If he is single, he won’t be for long after this post! LOL

  7. Maybe there’s another side to this. Perhaps his girlfriend was in a rush this morning and she put together this really quickly-assembled lunch? Let’s not assume that he’s single right off the bat. As I can attest: behind every fantastic lunch, there’s a wonderful significant-other that put time and effort into it.

    1. You suck up.

      Haha you’re right. It may not have been his fault. Maybe I’ll do that as a joke to my significant other someday, “Here you go honey! Enjoy your lunch!” Tehehehe

  8. Hahahahaha! I can’t stop laughing! This is priceless!

    1. I still can’t believe it even happened.

  9. this is amazing.

    1. Thanks! It’s days later and I still can’t believe it.

  10. This was so totally random and awesome… thank you for sharing this!

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