Fun with identification!

This is short and sweet because frankly, things (thankfully) have been pretty quiet in the embarrassing, perplexing situations department of my life. Also, the season premiere of Survivor airs very shortly. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! You understand.

Sidenote: Survivor’s gone gangsta. This season is called “Blood vs. Water.” Blood. BLOOD. Well, The Hunger Games IS pretty hot right now… And Survivor has always been on the cutting edge of reality entertainment… Pun intended.

My office mate suggested I blog about what I realized today (either she genuinely found it mildly amusing, or fake found it mildly amusing. She may be strumming her fingers like Mr. Burns right now and thinking, “Muahahaha, I tricked her into writing this stupid little story on her stupid little blog. What a fool. A DAMNED FOOL”), so here it is:

In order to enter the building I work in, you have to show the security guard an employee photo ID card. I bike to work, so I keep my card in a pouch on my bike.

It rained a few days ago while my bike sat outside. The pouch got wet. The card got wet.

Here’s the aftermath I noticed today:


If I remain at this company until I retire, for the next thirty or so years, I will look like I suffer some sort of unfortunate skin ailment, or at least did on my first day of work.

That’s it.

Just thought you should know.

*shrugs shoulders*



4 thoughts on “Fun with identification!

  1. At least you’d be known as a pretty looking girl with an unfortunate skin ailment!!! Best case scenario.

    1. Oh Natalie, you flatter me so! (I’ll get your money to you later…)

  2. And you have a lovely smile, despite your unfortunate skin ailment.

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