The big news!

Oh hi! Did you arrive here looking for my blog because this is where it used to be?

Well guess what?!

The blog is done. Gone. Get over it.

Instead, I’m super excited to share that The Very Single Girl is now available as an e-book and paperback on Amazon!*

*Isn’t it great that Amazon lets just anyone publish a book?

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It’s a lot of the same stories you know and love* from the original blog, plus a few new ones. And it’s much more polished, much more organized and much more legit than the blog ever was!

*Love is relative.

So, head on over to Amazon and search “The Very Single Girl Lauren Smolen” to get your copy today – please and thank you!

Hot tip! Make sure you’re on the right Amazon site for your country’s market: CAD =, USD =, etc. I’m in 18 markets and taking over the world!

For those without e-readers (like me!) who want the e-book, just download the Kindle app to your tablet or phone and away you go! Or shell out more for the paperback and be able to hold the book in your hands, just like you always wanted.

You can also follow The Very Single Girl on Facebook, Twitter and NEW! Instagram – so you can see the book next to a latte with a leaf design in the foam, or kicking up sand on the beach in a cute floppy hat, or next to a plate of tiny food at a trendy restaurant… you know, just livin’ its carefully curated life in photos.

Thanks for your support!