About the Author

Lauren is from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and lives in London, Ontario. She has a bachelor’s degree in criminology (she once thought law was her destiny until she realized it required hard work…and bombed the LSAT twice), a diploma in public relations (where she learned she doesn’t really like people, and discovered her severe allergy to “networking”), and a master’s degree in professional writing (just so you readers would think she’s legit). She heard education is super sexy and would get her a date…she’s still waiting for that to pay off.

Despite the self-deprecating nature of this website, Lauren is of sound mind and is very happy with the life she leads. She just likes to laugh at it. And talk about herself in the third person.



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  2. Project Southsea

    Just thought that I would drop you a comment to let you know that I laughed out loud on several occasions whilst reading your posts.

    Due to a drunken bet made in 2006 I also know all the words to ‘Fantasy’ by Ludacris. You’ll be pleased to know I won the bet!

    Altogther now….”I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome….”

    • theverysinglegirl

      “…..while the dirty birds kick it for t’ree….” HAHA awesome! At least your reasoning was a bet. I’m not sure what compelled 14 year old me to learn it. I wouldn’t have even understood half of what I was “rapping.” Thanks for reading!

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  4. Steve

    Hi, I added you, I saw a reply you made on Miss Four Eyes blog and I read a couple of yours, I was going to send you a note but you and notes don’t seem to get on. πŸ˜›

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