Oh hi! You’ve found my website. This used to be the site of The Very Single Girl blog, but now that I’ve turned it into a book, frankly, I want you to buy it instead of reading my stories for free – you freaking freeloader!

I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from family, friends and strangers to get this book completed. It’s amazing where simply telling someone they’re funny can lead, even if it was all lies.

Now here’s a little about me:

Lauren Smolen was born in Sarnia, moved to London for university and stayed to her mid-30s, and now lives in a small town called Durham, Ontario, Canada.

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She has a bachelor’s degree in criminology (she once thought law was her destiny until she bombed the LSAT… twice), a diploma in public relations (where she discovered her severe allergy to networking), a certificate in digital communications (because not just anyone can start a blog… wait) and a master’s degree in professional writing (so you readers would think she’s legit).

She currently works in marketing communications (until her employer discovers this book and starts questioning her character). In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, watching her friends’ kids grow up and crying into her soup.

Despite any self-deprecation in her book, Lauren is of sound mind and very happy with the life she leads. She just likes to laugh at it. And talk about herself in the third person in author bios.

And is probably still very single. Know anyone?  Update Nov. 2021: She’s engaged! To Marathon of History