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A third note. No joke. Does nobody want to talk to me?!

I have no words.

Ok, I have words.

This, ladies and gents, is why I have a blog about the ridiculous things that happen to me. It never stops. Continue reading


Oh no. Now I’m the Note Nazi.

This might just be a coincidence.

It probably is.

OR, I have developed a reputation in my apartment building.

I arrived home from work last night to another note. Continue reading

Ode to my one, true love

You know I’ve always been single, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have love interests. I’m pretty shy when it comes to sharing my feelings (but you have a blog and share WAY too much! you say. Yeah, I’m a complicated woman), so I usually keep most of my feelings bottled up inside. I figure, since it’s Valentine’s Day, what hurt could it possibly do to just let my feelings EXPLODE and let my one, true love know how I really feel? Here it goes!

(Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this. EEEEEEEEE!!!) Continue reading

Conversation Heart(s)ache

Believe it or not, ladies and gents, I got a second fake date with the John Krasinski/Michael Buble/Jason Segel lookalike AKA my ideal man! You met fictional him if you read his guest blog, My Date with theVERYsinglegirl. I thought that date went great! But after reading about it from his perspective, I got a slight, very slight, impression that he might not be interested in seeing me again (I know. I know. That’s crazy talk!). But I was wrong! And he insisted it had nothing to do with the note he found taped to his window the next morning that read, “Date me again, or else…” Continue reading

Lessons in: Knowing your audience

As much as I hate when strangers talk to me, I like to think strangers love when I talk to them. Especially when I’m trying to be funny. Everyone likes a random joking stranger, right? Continue reading

My Date with theVERYsinglegirl

Hello readers. I fictionally recently went on a date with Lauren aka theVERYsinglegirl. I look like a combination of John Krasinski, Michael Buble, and Jason Segel. I like slushies and the couch. I’m creative, successful, and have a sense of humour that rivals Austin Powers.

Our date started out great! We went to East Side Mario’s (her choice) for dinner. I pretended not to notice when she snorted Diet Coke out her nose (don’t read that wrong) while trying, poorly, to suppress laughing when I said “duty” (I think she heard “doodie”). Immature, yes…but also kind of cute in the right light. It was pretty dark in there, so I said yes when she suggested going back to her place.

That’s when things got weird. Continue reading