Pool of Thrones

Welcome to the Pool of Thrones. I’ll update the leader board here weekly. Use the comments section for questions, episode discussions and ruthless trash talk!

What’s at stake: $230(!!!), an official medal (that’s if it arrives from the sketchy site I ordered it from) and achieving what’s probably the greatest accomplishment you’ll ever make in your life.

After the first episode, SPOILER ALERT, we’re all even! So there’s no leader board this week.

Here are the pool participants (in order of importance):

Lauren of House Smolen, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Pool of Thrones and Your One, True Queen.

(ok now we’ll go alphabetical)

Adam of House Smolen
AlexLaura of House Smolen
Anne of House Kitunen
Ashley of House Casselman
Char of House Smolen
Christine of House Devine (THIRD RUNNER UP: BEST HOUSE NAME)
David of House Frazer
Drew of House Kudelka
Heather of House Bainbridge (SECOND RUNNER UP: BEST HOUSE NAME)
Heather of House Mullin
Julie of House Stewart
Joe of House Cavaliere
Laura of House Weedling
Meagan of House Johnston
Michelle of House Ariss
Natalie of House Hales
Nic of House Cavaliere
Ryan of House Davies
Shawn of House Hoddinott (WINNER: BEST HOUSE NAME)
Sue of House Kudelka
Sydney of House Van Kerrebroeck

IMG_0856(Fun fact: when I printed your forms, it asked if I wanted to print in grayscale… NOOOOO!!!)

As always, remember, when you play the Pool of Thrones, you win or you die.


14 thoughts on “Pool of Thrones

  1. I’ll get the ball rolling. A character study. Here’s how everyone chose to check their boxes.

    With an X: Adam, AlexLaura, Ashley, Corinne, Julie, Meagan, Michelle, Shawn, Sydney.
    With a checkmark: Char, Christine, Drew, Heather B, Joe, Lauren, Natalie, Nic, Ryan, Sue.
    With a straight line: David, Laura, Heather M.
    With a hole-punched dot: Aunt Anne.

    I think the Xs are serial killers, the checkmarks are normal people, the straight lines are secret serial killers trying to pass as normal people, and the dot is, special.

  2. Christine of House Devine is a better second-runner-up name than Heather of House Bainbridge. Sidenote: I love Heather of House Bainbridge and I don’t know anything about this GD show. I also think I’ve just made a fast friend with Christine Devine.

    1. I agree it deserves recognition because I went back and forth on those two, but I maintain Heather of House Bainbridge as second runner up because it’s more singsongy and medieval. I’ve made an amendment.

        1. hahaha I’m happy being third runner up…it’s the best I’m going to do through this whole process!

  3. TECHNICALLY we are House Bainbridge of Cedar (My husband and I are teaming up), but whatevs matters not to us. For the record we did use checkmarks and we are NOT normal 🙂

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