Week 3

Week 3 – Battle of Winterfell. Oh holy shit. *SPOILER ALERT*

The only controversial call I had to make this week as commissioner is to say that Beric Dondarrion did (probably) turn into a white walker, even if they didn’t show his new baby blue (one eye) on screen. I know, I know. Controversial, like I said. But hear me out. He was killed before the Night King did his Beyonce power stance and raised the dead, so we have to assume he was also raised. Unless before the season is out the fireplace pals have another milk-chugging gossip sesh and someone asks, “So did Beric go all zombie-y?” and someone says, “No, I saw him, dude stayed dead,” then until then, it’s assumed he turned like the rest of them (like Lyanna Mormont who went out like a champ! And poor Edd, who not only was killed because Sam just doesn’t know his place with his stolen books, but also I just learned he’s called Dolorous Edd – oof. Mulva anyone?)

All this to say – no one was penalized for Beric’s mystery, and those who guessed yes to white walker got their controversial bonus point. (Just so you know, the commissioner did not benefit from this decision.)

The instructions for the point system were not written by me and I now notice there’s room for interpretation. The way #2 is written is a mind-fuck. But I think I figured it out fairly.

If you guessed they died, and they die, you get 1 pt. The only way you lose that 1 pt is if you also chose to guess yes or no on whether they turn into a white walker and are wrong. If you left the space blank, nothing extra happens.

For example:

Theon Greyjoy:
– He’s dead. You said dead. You left white walker blank or said no. You’re correct. 1 pt.
– He’s dead. You said dead. That’s correct. But you also said yes to white walker. That’s wrong. You had 1 pt, then you lost it. 1 pt – 1 pt = 0 pts.
– He’s dead. You said alive. You’re wrong. 0 pts.

In the mysterious case of Beric Dondarrion:
– He’s dead. You said dead. You left white walker blank or said no (no one said “no” BTW, so moot point). You’re (kind of) correct. 1 pt.
– He’s dead. You said dead. That’s correct. You also said yes to white walker. That’s (kind of) correct. 1 pt + 1 pt = 2 pts.
– He’s dead. You said alive. You’re wrong. 0 pts.

Happy to send a pic of your graded paper if you’re questioning your score. Me + math = as effective as Branflake the Boring.

Shout out: Congrats to Syd the Kid for being the only one to call Arya’s bad-ass Night King kill! And she’s in first place!

There were a possible 7 points up for grabs in week 3:

Theon Greyjoy – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
Melisandre – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
Jorah Mormont – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
Beric Dondarrion – dead (1 pt), yes white walker (1 pt)
Who kills the Night King? – Arya Stark (2 pts)

Also remember, final scores are based on the status at the END of the series. What you see below is all subject to change by later revelations (for example, if it’s revealed that the Night King actually isn’t dead, then Arya didn’t technically kill him. Or maybe next episode they get Jorah to a hospital and he’s revived!)

LEADER BOARD (week 3) (in order of points then alpha)

Sydney of House Van Kerrebroeck – 6 pts

Sue of House Kudelka – 5 pts

Ashley of House Casselman – 4 pts
Corrine of House Box – 4 pts
of House Kudelka – 4 pts
Heather of House Mullin – 4 pts
Lauren of House Smolen, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Pool of Thrones and Your One, True Queen – 4 pts
Nic of House Cavaliere – 4 pts
Shawn of House Hoddinott – 4 pts

Adam of House Smolen – 3 pts
Char of House Smolen – 3 pts
Christine of House Devine – 3 pts
Meagan of House Johnston – 3 pts
Michelle of House Ariss – 3 pts

AlexLaura of House Smolen – 2 pts
Heather of House Bainbridge – 2 pts
Laura of House Weedling – 2 pts
Natalie of House Hales – 2 pts
Ryan of House Davies – 2 pts

Anne of House Kitunen – 1 pt
David of House Frazer – 1 pt
Joe of House Cavaliere – 1 pt
Julie of House Stewart – 1 pt