Week 5

Week 5 – The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire *SPOILER ALERT*

I could go for some marshmallows.

We had some action this week! There were a possible 6 points up for grabs:

Cersei – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
Jaime – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
The Hound – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
The Mountain – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
Varys – dead, not white walker (1 pt)
Euron – dead, not white walker (1 pt)

Always remember, the results are based on next week’s finale! Cersei could come stumbling out of the rubble with a newborn babe, who knows?!

Shout outs: Congrats to Syd the Kid for maintaining her spot at the top of the leader board! But not far behind, Michelle of House Ariss snuck in with a perfect score this week to move from 3 pts to 9 pts! Also shout out to Laura of House Weedling for a big move from 2 pts to 8 pts, with the only other perfect score of the week! Goes to show it’s still anyone’s game with these massive jumps!

LEADER BOARD (week 5) (in order of points then alpha)

Sydney of House Van Kerrebroeck – 11 pts

Michelle of House Ariss – 9 pts
Sue of House Kudelka – 9 pts

Adam of House Smolen – 8 pts
of House Casselman – 8 pts
Drew of House Kudelka – 8 pts
Laura of House Weedling – 8 pts
Shawn of House Hoddinott – 8 pts

Char of House Smolen – 7 pts
Lauren of House Smolen, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Pool of Thrones and Your One, True Queen – 7 pts
Natalie of House Hales – 7 pts
Nic of House Cavaliere – 7 pts

AlexLaura of House Smolen – 6 pts
Christine of House Devine – 6 pts
Corrine of House Box – 6 pts
Heather of House Bainbridge – 6 pts
Heather of House Mullin – 6 pts
Meagan of House Johnston – 6 pts

Julie of House Stewart – 5 pts
Ryan of House Davies – 5 pts

Joe of House Cavaliere – 3 pts

David of House Frazer – 2 pts

Anne of House Kitunen – 1 pt