Prestigious Awards and Accolades

If you’ve read I’ve Been Nominated! Though I’m pretty sure it’s a chain letter…, then on top of being AWESOME you also happen to know how I feel about these WordPress award thingys. Touched, yet cynical.

I do truly appreciate when people think to nominate me for such prestigious awards. I just don’t enjoy the chain-lettery obligations that come with them.

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Cuts into my TV viewing time.

So, here are all my awards and shout-outs neatly packaged in one place. But Lauren, there are only three*. What’s the point?

Yeah. I don’t know.

*But now there are seven! So there’s that.

These bloggers took the time to nominate me (thanks!), so I will take the time to link to their blogs and promote them. It’s my version of paying it forward. Suck it, Haley Joel Osment.

In order of most recent to least recent:



The Liebster Award (3 times! And I don’t even know what a Liebster is!): First imparted by I am a writer… — She is a writer. Also, she said of my blog: “Words cannot express how thoroughly entertained I am by this woman! She makes me laugh so hard and is so down to Earth! Love her!,” so now she is my favourite writer. The best writer. With words like that, there is no better writer.

Then administered by Finding the Funi — Check her out! She likes bad reality TV and food. I think we could be besties if the machine wasn’t in the way.

And finally conferred by Smashing Through Life! — She’s a beauty. She sums it up: “I’m Smash, and I was born for optimism. I get up, and I kick the shit out of life every day. Right in the nuts!” Normally, optimistic people scare me, but she’s optimistic with a sense of humour, so I dig her.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award: Bequeathed by A Different Daylight – A night owl who has a knack for picking out published grammatical errors. My favourite kind of knack. She said of my blog: “…she blogs about the bits of life I’m too chicken to blog about.” You could probably just as easily replace “chicken” with “smart” or “mature,” but I’ll take it as a glowing endorsement.


So Sweet Blog Award: Decreed by Becky Says Things – Her artistic expression via stick figure drawings is a wonder to behold. I love her attention to detail when it comes to blood and vomit. Any day now, Pixar will come a knocking!


The Versatile Blogger Award: Bestowed by Don’t Quote Lily – A perpetual commenter, I feel like she’s my friend! Can always count on Lily for hilarious musings, poetry that makes me uncomfortable, and to actually read my posts. A hell of a blogger!


One Lovely Blog Award: My first one! Proclaimed by Anxiety and Biscuits – Mr. Biscuits, who I’ve learned uses a pseudonym and does not actually have the last name “Biscuits” (he’s British, it made sense to me!), is a more neurotic version of me and comes from the land of Austin Powers, so is naturally funnier.

I also once received first place in a writing competition at my university in 2008.

I’m pretty sure I was the only entry in that category.

Still counts.



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