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Driving Miss Crazy

My car is a silver 2001 Ford Taurus. When my dad graciously offered agreed to get me a car during my second year of university, I was just so thrilled and grateful that I didn’t care what kind of car. One day, he took me to a Ford dealership where a shiny used Taurus awaited us in the lot. It was actually the first car I ever drove since my family loves minivans. Getting into this teeny little car was life-changing. It was so small and compact! The salesman must have never seen a 20-year-old’s eyes light up at the sight of a Taurus. It was an easy sell. We my dad purchased it in 2005, and I promised to make monthly payments to pay him back. As a student living away from home and working part-time at a floundering gift shop in the mall, I had over-estimated my budgeting skills. I kinda sorta stopped making payments to him after the first couple…..but shhhhhhhh! Don’t remind him!

In retrospect, I probably could have gotten something cooler. My dad must have been strumming his fingers like Mr. Burns and thinking “excellent” to put his daughter in a giant, safe, grandpa car. But you know what? It has grown on me. I am now proud to say that I drive a Taurus. It’s unique! How many people under 70 do you know who drives one? I’m special. Continue reading