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Cracking the (Head) Case

Sometimes I fancy myself a detective. For example, as you might recall, if you leave an anonymous, ominous note on my car, I’ll hunt you down and make you beg for mercy. I can’t leave things unsolved. Look here, see, there’s an answer for everything and I’ll stop at nothing to find it, see.  Continue reading


Update: The mysterprank goes global

If you happened to read Pranks! And an unsolved mystery…a mysterprank!, then you know that I’m still trying to solve the case of a string of prank phone calls regarding my allegedly missing shoes in 2010.

I figured that post could possibly unleash the dormant mysterpranker, and hoped it would lead to some sort of resolution. Instead, it opened up a clusterfuck that spanned continents and pushed the boundaries of the Matrix. It was the most thrilling afternoon of my life. Continue reading