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No cabbage soup for you!

Alright, so I recognize my last few posts have been a bit lackluster (really, a bit on elevators?). I’m sorry! If you can believe it, weird things just haven’t been happening to me lately! Maybe it’s possible I’ve paid my dues and the universe has moved on…

Ya, ya, I won’t bet on it, but before I go on a bit of a posting break, I’ve decided to dig back into the ol’ archives of my life and leave you with a poop story.

Right about now, my mother is throwing her hands in the air and giving up hope of grandchildren. Continue reading



Today, I would like to offer you some advice. It might change your life, or even save it. You’re welcome in advance, and don’t ever say I never give you anything. Continue reading

Fun with identification!

This is short and sweet because frankly, things (thankfully) have been pretty quiet in the embarrassing, perplexing situations department of my life. Also, the season premiere of Survivor airs very shortly. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! You understand. Continue reading

Eat Nay Plug: Part Three

It would be advantageous for you to read Part One and Part Two first. But I’ll let you decide for your own good.

Platinum Status

After my harrowing airport experience, I was on the plane to Winnipeg. This was the view before descending: Continue reading

Eat Nay Plug: Part One

It’s a three-parter, guys. Watch out!

Other title I was considering:  “A young woman’s strange and erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.” But that’s taken.

As you might know, my job requires me to travel around Canada in the fall and spring. It’s all very exotic and I’m as classy and exuberant as Julia Roberts the entire time. In the spring, it’s a two-week stint to select Canadian cities, and this year they were Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg–the first week in Vancouver and the second week split between Calgary and Winnipeg. Continue reading