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I don’t use the expression lightly.

I could have sat anywhere at the mall food court during lunch today. I scanned the crowd and looked for a spot with the fewest crying babies in close proximity. I sat down.

A few minutes later, a guy sat down at the table next to mine.

The next 45 minutes were the strangest 45 minutes I’ve ever witnessed. And that’s saying a lot. Continue reading


Junk in my Trunk

This week, nay, this month, nay, MY LIFE, has been a cosmic joke.

It snowed last night.

This is the photo I texted to my boss this morning to show why I was running late:

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Bright Lights, Big City, Big Fail

I love me some suburbia. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a recluse, so I find noise, traffic, and people to be very annoying.

It’s part of my job to visit high schools, and for the most part, I don’t get to choose which ones. So inevitably, I’ll find myself in downtown Toronto at some point during the recruiting season. I grin and bear it, obviously, or I’d be jobless, but this is a classic example of why I, a magnet for strange and impossible circumstances, wouldn’t survive living in the big city.

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BREAKING NEWS: Pickle attacks!!!

THIS JUST IN: I already published a post today but I feel I need to do this one in the moment while the couch is still wet.

I sat down for my evening pickle while watching Big Brother, when Continue reading