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Ski-sus Christ, it’s almost winter!

What? Winter’s holy. Continue reading


Update: The mysterprank goes global

If you happened to read Pranks! And an unsolved mystery…a mysterprank!, then you know that I’m still trying to solve the case of a string of prank phone calls regarding my allegedly missing shoes in 2010.

I figured that post could possibly unleash the dormant mysterpranker, and hoped it would lead to some sort of resolution. Instead, it opened up a clusterfuck that spanned continents and pushed the boundaries of the Matrix. It was the most thrilling afternoon of my life. Continue reading

Pranks! And an unsolved mystery…a mysterprank!

I freaking love pranks. Pranking is hilarious (not to be confused with planking…that’s unfortunately not trending anymore. Or so people keep telling me when they find me laying face down on the couch). Carefully planning schemes to induce frustration and/or embarrassment and/or physical pain to another person is never not funny. Here are three of my most memorable pranks: Continue reading