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My box was snatched

My purpose for the trip was insignificant and really could have been accomplished at any time of the year.

Instead, I decided one chaotic Saturday shortly after the Christmas holidays to engage in some very risky masochism.

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I’m all about that base

Hi everybody! It’s your friendly neighbourhood toothless wonder here! I last left you months ago with the infamous* tooth knock out story. I’m now weeks into recovery from gum surgery, proudly sporting a temporary retainer with a fake tooth hanging off it until my gums heal and I can get a bridge put in permanently.

*According to me.

You know the expression #firstworldproblems? Well I’ve got #missingtoothproblems. Continue reading

The seeds

It’s no secret that one of my favourite snacks is Spitz sunflower seeds. To be so brash as to quote myself:

“I am an expert sunflower seed eater. I have spent copious hours honing my craft. Forget tying a cherry stem with your tongue—you really want to see some sexy talent? Watch me shell those seeds with such swift precision that I don’t have to take my eyes off the TV.”

— Me, Meet theVERYsinglegirl

So yeah. I like them.

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The Foodstuffs Foxtrot

Aside: This has absolutely nothing to do with the story. I would just like to take this time to gush that the “likes” on my Facebook page hit 100 this week!!! (Let’s pretend one of those isn’t me, and one of those isn’t my dummy account to see what my posts look like). It’s not that I had a goal or anything and I normally wouldn’t brag about such things–I’d be happy with five “likes” (and two of them would really be me, remember. The other three? My pimp, my dealer, and my big booty ho). Continue reading