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Office hijinks!

My last day at my current job is tomorrow. No, believe it or not, I wasn’t fired for accidental nudity. A less likely scenario has played out–someplace else wants to hire me! So, I’m leaving higher education and entering the corporate world. Watch out.

So I was thinking, how funny would it be to purposely leave sketchy questions in the Google search bar for my replacement to find?! 

Not funny? Weird? Oh. Continue reading


Ode to my one, true love

You know I’ve always been single, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have love interests. I’m pretty shy when it comes to sharing my feelings (but you have a blog and share WAY too much! you say. Yeah, I’m a complicated woman), so I usually keep most of my feelings bottled up inside. I figure, since it’s Valentine’s Day, what hurt could it possibly do to just let my feelings EXPLODE and let my one, true love know how I really feel? Here it goes!

(Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this. EEEEEEEEE!!!) Continue reading

Fun with Rabies!

When people ask me, “Lauren, what is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?,”* the following story always pops in my head. It has the winning formula of impossible odds, irony and wild animals. Continue reading

My new friend

Ok. I swear that more actual writing is to come. I just couldn’t resist sharing this little ditty (diddy? As in P? I can’t decide) from today:

I was sitting on the couch in my living room, eating my lunch off my lap desk, when I heard a loud, piercing, soul-crunching cry. Continue reading

theVERYsingle search terms

I thought it would be fun to share the list of terms typed into search engines that have thus far led to my blog. Mostly because some of them are funny and disturbing, but also because I need to throw some “filler” posts in here and there to prolong the inevitable running out of material (I know “getting out more” would be a logical solution, but who wants to do that?). There’s nothing wrong with filler. Filler can be good. Without filler, we wouldn’t have hot dogs! Continue reading

Pranks! And an unsolved mystery…a mysterprank!

I freaking love pranks. Pranking is hilarious (not to be confused with planking…that’s unfortunately not trending anymore. Or so people keep telling me when they find me laying face down on the couch). Carefully planning schemes to induce frustration and/or embarrassment and/or physical pain to another person is never not funny. Here are three of my most memorable pranks: Continue reading